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Argos Risk is a provider of business intelligence for managing mission critical third party relationships including vendors, credit clients and payment originators. Argos Risk delivers a full range of subscription services, from initial due diligence to ongoing monitoring of third party relationships.

These key relationships are under close examination by regulators such as OCC, FDIC, FinCEN, FRB, CFPB and FTC, and several other regulatory agencies. As regulatory requirements increase so does the need for automation and accuracy to reasonable meet these compliance needs.

The typical manual processes around collecting business data and credit information leads to duplicate efforts creating inefficient processes that results in delays and wasted time. This creates inconsistency of actionable information and increases overhead associated with managing these relationships.

Argos Risk was created to assist companies in mitigating their third party relationship risk, and to stay in regulatory compliance. Our business intelligence combines decades of expertise and best-of-class data from trusted data providers, to provide comprehensive information that is simple to understand and use in a secure and robust format.

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