Since 2010, Argos Risk has been helping companies in over thirty (30) industries proactively monitor the financial and business health of the third-party organizations that make their business possible. From financial institutions, to manufacturing, to transportation and logistics, companies who must manage a supply chain, meet regulatory requirements, or assume financial risk protect their organization with Argos Risk solutions.

With hundreds of subscribers monitoring thousands of companies, Argos Risk solutions provide clarity and insight bringing together thousands of data points on each monitored company and processing it via our propriety algorithms, called Argonomics™. Argonomics™ normalizes and distills the data to produce meaningful information and predictive analytics that reflect the current and future state of suppliers, vendors, originators, customers, partners and competitors.

Headquartered in Edina, MN and lead by a team of industry veterans from the financial services and payments industry we are committed to providing our subscribers access to the most comprehensive, timely, and accurate information available on commercial businesses.