Appointment of Lori R. Frank as CEO

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., July 31, 2014  -  Argos Risk today announced that Lori R. Frank, President and Member of the Board of Directors, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, effective June 24, 2014. In addition to her new responsibilities as CEO, Ms. Frank will continue to serve as President and as a member of the Board of Directors. Ms. Frank joined the Company as President in May 2011.

“On behalf of the entire Board, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Frank as Argos Risk’s CEO. Ms. Frank has demonstrated outstanding vision, values and dynamic leadership in her role as President. In response to the company’s growth and to support future expansion, the Board voted unanimously to elect Ms. Frank as CEO,” said David Johnson, Chairman of the Board.

“I am honored to be named as the CEO of Argos Risk during a time of incredible potential and growth,” said Lori Frank. “Our entire team is passionate about enabling our clients to proactively manage credit risk and to be protected from business identity fraud via our web-based technology solutions. Our business and financial services client base continues to grow and have established us as an industry leader.”

Executive and entrepreneur Lori Frank are considered one of the pioneers and industry experts in the advancement of technology within the financial services marketplace, specializing in building companies whose products revolutionize current operating methods. She is a sought-after national speaker, sharing insights gained from her 28 years in the technology industry, including 20 years of “C” level management and eight years of commercial banking. She has served as CEO of both private and public companies including INSCI Incorporated (INSI), ICU Data Systems, Imaging Institute/Towne Services, and DCR Technologies/Network Imaging. Ms. Frank’s expertise has helped companies gain market share, enhance sales revenue and achieve profitability.

About Argos Risk
Argos Risk, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, specializes in web-based technology solutions for B2B credit risk management. The Company’s flagship solution, Argos Risk Online, is designed to help businesses and financial institutions pro-actively manage their business risk with actionable on-line dashboards and 24x7 business alerts. For more information, visit

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