RedKnot Resource Group

MINNEAPOLIS, MN AND BIRMINGHAM, AL - Argos Risk, specialists in providing universal solutions for managing and monitoring B2B health and credit risk, today announced it has signed a reseller agreement with RedKnot Resource Group. The agreement enables RedKnot, experts in regulatory compliance, risk management and process efficiency, to resell Argos Risk's subscription services, AR SCAN and AR SURVEILLANCE. These solutions offer comprehensive, automated, and proactive insights into the credit and business health of clients, vendors, originators and third-party relationships of subscribers.

"We are excited to announce that RedKnot Resource Group has been named as a reseller for AR SCAN and AR SURVEILLANCE. This is an ideal partnership because RedKnot specializes in advising businesses, financial institutions and non-profits on business solutions for a variety of areas, including risk mitigation," said Lori Frank, Argos Risk President and CEO. "Our solutions are an essential tool for all businesses, enabling them to have access to critical information regarding the financial health and creditworthiness of their vendors, business partners and third party providers."

Argos Risk's universal solutions easily and effectively automate the process of business health and credit risk mitigation by monitoring, analyzing and managing data from thousands of sources. The initial scan of an entire portfolio allows for each business to be quickly categorized based on risk type and other key factors. In-depth surveillance can then be applied to the analysis process for those companies which should be examined on a deeper level. Argos Risk Surveillance automates daily alerts and delivers actionable insights, empowering subscribers to pro-actively evaluate and make decisions based on the overall health of clients, vendors, originators or any third parties. Utilizing a custom process designed for required outcomes eliminates the need for duplicate processes and time. The easy to use Argos Risk dashboards keep all information organized and readily available for review.

"Argos Risk's solutions allow companies to meet multiple objectives in a demanding, riskfocused environment. By efficiently facilitating risk monitoring, companies are presented with information, instead of devoting internal resources to laborious data analysis," said Carol TrullAdams, RedKnot Founder and CEO. "These solutions are a perfect fit for clients who offer services which carry higher risks, but who want to manage those risks cost effectively."

About Argos Risk
Argos Risk, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, specializes in web-based technology solutions for B2B credit risk management, enabling companies of all sizes to pro-actively manage and monitor risk. The Company's solutions assess risk scores of clients, vendors, partners, and competitors, powered by the algorithm, known as Argonomics, to deliver data via real-time dashboards and daily alerts. Argos Risk monitors thousands of companies for clients in a broad array of industries including financial institutions, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and businesses of all types. For more information, visit