Third-Party Risk services firm now offering Argos Risk’s flagship solution,

AR Surveillance™, to mitigate risk and provide insight

 into third-party commercial relationships


MINNEAPOLIS, MN, April 14, 2022 - Argos Risk, a leading provider of Third-Party Risk Intelligence (TPRI) services for managing and monitoring the financial viability and overall business health of third-party relationships partners with CastleHill Managed Risk Solutions.

CastleHill is committed to helping clients build and manage effective, process-driven risk and compliance programs. The company’s rapidly expanding GRCaaS offering for Third-Party Risk Management brings the expertise, technology, and resources essential to an efficient and effective third-party risk management program, regardless of program maturity. 

“CastleHill is excited to partner with Argos Risk to provide our customers another opportunity to further mature their vendor management programs by integrating Argos Risk’s comprehensive data set into their continuous monitoring programs,” said Michael Duggan, Managing Partner at CastleHill.  “As the emphasis on risk and compliance programs to include more timely and comprehensive ongoing monitoring continues to grow, partnering with Argos Risk was easy. AR Surveillance brings together, in one platform, the data and reporting required to make informed decisions about the entire vendor ecosystem at each of our clients.  We are already off to a great start to the partnership, and we look forward to continuing our work with their team of experts,” added Duggan.

AR Surveillance encapsulates key metrics and assigns risk scores to a company’s third-party relationships.  It automatically generates and sends alerts about significant changes, including lawsuits, liens, mergers, acquisitions, key executive changes, and other material news and events.  AR Surveillance provides key information into a company’s operations, incorporating financial viability, current trade payment behavior, business health, industry outlook, and much more.

“Since CastleHill successfully delivers third-party risk services across multiple industries, we are very excited to be partnering with them and helping their clients simplify their risk management processes,” said Lori Frank, President, and CEO of Argos Risk.  “Combining our risk management analytics platform, with their experienced team and service delivery model, truly aligns with the industries and clients we serve together,” added Frank.

About Argos Risk

Argos Risk is a leading provider of Third-Party Risk Intelligence solutions.  Since 2010, Argos Risk has fulfilled a need for timely and comprehensive risk mitigation knowledge with third-party risk intelligence.  Argos Risk provides innovative and affordable subscription services to help companies manage the risk associated with their third-party relationships in Supply Chain Management, Vendor Management, ACH/RDC origination, and Direct and Indirect Lending.

About CastleHill Managed Risk Solutions

CastleHill Managed Risk Solutions is headquartered in New Hampshire, providing GRC advisory, technology implementations, managed services, and outsourcing solutions.  CastleHill’s expert team of risk and compliance professionals are practitioners first, coming directly from the industries they serve daily.  Whether you need pure advisory services, GRC platform expertise, or end-to-end outsourcing solutions, CastleHill has an offering to meet those needs.  To learn more about CastleHill, visit  



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