Lendovative, an innovative entrepreneurial group,

bringing years of FinTech experience to the table, now offers AR Surveillance

to mitigate third-party commercial risk

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, September 14, 2022 - Argos Risk®, a leading provider of Third-Party Risk Intelligence (TPRI) services for managing and monitoring the financial viability and overall business health of third-party relationships, announce its partnership with Lendovative Technologies, Inc.

Lendovative is committed to one simple mission, to empower financial institutions by expanding their ability to meet the cash flow needs of business clients. Their goal is to connect businesses to financial institutions through advanced technology; thereby, maximizing access to short-term capital. Their flagship platform, BB-360™, is a SaaS solution that launched this month and will allow businesses to leverage their accounts receivable, inventory, and other business assets as collateral.

“When we started Lendovative, Argos Risk was the first partner we turned to. We recognized the importance of arming both businesses and lenders with critical information to manage their own emerging credit risk,” said Patrick True, President of Lendovative. “The integration of AR Surveillance with BB-360™ is a great example of where 1 + 1 can sometimes equal 3.”

AR Surveillance encapsulates key metrics and assigns risk scores to a company’s third-party relationships. It automatically generates and sends alerts about significant changes, including lawsuits, liens, mergers, acquisitions, key executive changes, and other material news and events. AR Surveillance provides key information into a company’s operations, incorporating financial viability, current trade payment behavior, business health, industry outlook, and much more.

“Comprising a team of experienced technology specialists and entrepreneurs, we are very excited to be partnering with Lendovative in the launch of their new venture,” said Lori Frank, President, and CEO of Argos Risk.  “Combining our risk management analytics platform, with their experienced team and state-of-the-art technology, will help both companies’ clients thrive and reach their full potential,” added Frank.


About Argos Risk

Argos Risk is a leading provider of Third-Party Risk Intelligence solutions. Trusted by financial institutions and commercial businesses of all sizes. AR Surveillance™, Argos Risk’s proven SaaS solution, provides organizations with an efficient, timely, and comprehensive approach to assess, monitor, and mitigate third-party commercial risk. 

About Lendovative Technologies, Inc.

Lendovative, headquartered in Brentwood, TN, is a provider of niche lending technologies for financial institutions. Lendovative's borrowing base lending platform, BB-360™, empowers financial institutions to serve the cash flow needs of business clients more effectively. To learn more about Lendovative, visit https://lendovative.com/.



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