MINNEAPOLIS, MN, June 18, 2018 — Argos Risk®, an industry leader of Third-Party Risk Intelligence (TPRI) solutions is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Ignyte Assurance Platform™ (Ignyte). Ignyte and Argos Risk have officially signed a strategic partnership that will strengthen their ties and promote both of their businesses. Ignyte intends to put Argos Risk’s phenomenal risk data on business creditworthiness and financial health to good use with their Vendor Risk Platform. The information that Argos Risk gathers on vendors, suppliers, etc., will also be a tremendous resource that Ignyte will offer its clients.  

“We believe that our clients can benefit from working with Argos Risk, so they can receive exceptional data services” said Max Aulakh, Ignyte’s President. “We have seen dramatically improved vendor risk scoring results using Argos Risk’s data as one of the key data sources for Ignyte’s Vendor Risk Platform. Our customers are excited to have the ability to gain access to such data and improve quality of their assessment process.” 

There is a great opportunity for both companies to ensure their clients achieve outstanding services at an incomparable value. This partnership seeks to bilaterally exchange key business information that is advantageous for both companies. Working together will provide the necessary tools to take business to the next level. 

“We are excited to be part of Ignyte’s new company direction, mission, and their next era for simplifying compliance and managing risk,” said Lori Frank, President and CEO, Argos Risk. “As they challenge the status quo, our partnership will help their clients implement sound compliance management and best practices, lower organizational costs, and make smarter vendor and risk management decisions.” 

About Argos Risk Argos Risk's web-based technology solutions and AR Surveillance enable companies to proactively manage and assess the financial, business health, and credit risk associated with key third-party relationships. Powered by proprietary technology and algorithms - known as Argonomics™, easy-to-understand actionable insights are delivered for businesses of all sizes via a secure access real-time dashboard and daily email alerts. Proactive alerts automatically generate significant updates; including key executive changes, lawsuits, liens, mergers, and acquisitions thereby reducing the time and manual processes typically required for proper vendor due diligence while fulfilling a need for timely and comprehensive risk mitigation knowledge.  Argos Risk provides an affordable subscription-based service that helps companies proactively manage the credit risks associated with their third-party relationships; such as vendors, ACH/RDC originators, and direct and indirect lending clients. For additional information, visit www.argosrisk.com.  

About Ignyte

Ignyte Assurance Platform™ is a leader in collaborative security and GRC solutions for global corporations. Ignyte provides software that webs inter-connectivity, which assists with data collection, analysis, and helps streamline processes across multiple security frameworks at once. To find out more, visit Ignyte Assurance Platform’s website (http://ignyteplatform.com).