MINNEAPOLIS, MN AND CHICAGO, IL - April 11, 2017 -  Argos Risk, specialists in providing universal solutions for managing and monitoring B2B health and credit risk, today announced it has entered into a business partnership with ThirdPartyTrust of Chicago, IL. This partnership enables ThirdPartyTrust to incorporate from Argos Risk key business health information into ThirdPartyTrust’s SaaS-based vendor management platform. 
Subscribers to ThirdPartyTrust will now be able to access and evaluate business health information as well as security audits, insurance certificates and compliance documentation of their key trading partners and suppliers via their vendor profile within the ThirdPartyTrust network. 

With this partnership, ThirdPartyTrust deepens their commitment to automating and easing the regulatory burden for its customers that are already under increased regulatory scrutiny.  This important business health information is one more of the puzzle pieces that make up the complex puzzle that constitutes vendor risk management.

"We are excited about the opportunity to increase the value of the analytics and insights delivered by our Argonomics algorithms by incorporating them into the ThirdPartyTrust vendor profiles.  Their unique social-centric model is not only innovative, but provides a great deal of value for their subscribers.” said Lori Frank, Argos Risk President and CEO.  

"We can now provide an even better view of the enterprise's vendor landscape, providing true vendor intelligence. This intelligence is what helps our customers answer the key questions that the C-suite and Board room is asking “Can you trust your Vendors?" said Anders Norremo, ThirdPartyTrust Founder and CEO. 

About Argos Risk

Argos Risk, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, specializes in web-based technology solutions for B2B credit risk management, enabling companies of all sizes to proactively manage and monitor risk. The Company's solutions assess the credit risk and business health of clients, vendors, partners, and competitors, powered by their algorithm, known as Argonomics, to deliver data via real-time dashboards and daily alerts. Argos Risk monitors thousands of companies for clients in a broad array of industries including financial institutions, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and businesses of all types. For more information, visit 

About ThirdPartyTrust

ThirdPartyTrust’s vendor management platform, VISION, measures and monitors vendor risk and related cyber threats. Enterprises require their vendors to create a ThirdPartyTrust profile, which includes security audits, insurance certificates and compliance documentation in a central repository. Vendors can share their ThirdPartyTrust profile with all their enterprise clients and CISO's and the C-Suite have the ability to manage and mitigate risk across the organization. For more information, visit