Argos Risk Announces Version 2.1

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., May 15, 2015  -  Argos Risk, specialists in web-based technology solutions for B2B credit risk management, today announced Argos Risk Online v2.1, the latest version of its software, offering enhanced design and usability with several new features. 

Argos Risk CEO Lori Frank said, "Innovation is a driving force in our business and is at the core of all of we do. Argos Risk continually advances and enhances our solutions, based on the needs of our clients and emerging technologies. Our commitment to our subscribers is to deliver solutions that address their unique business challenges and Argos Risk Online v2.1 is an example of our on-going dedication to provide a best-in-class services that delivers the tools for the growth and success of our clients and partners." 

New features/benefits of Version 2.1 include: 

1) Notes feature for case management and internal communication: There is now a “Note" icon on the dashboard, within alerts, and the ACH and RDC data management pages. Users now have the ability to add notes in a multitude of places on each monitored company. This is an asset allowing users to quickly and easily view current and historical company notes that assist with case management or key compliance tracking. 

2) Company Aliasing Override Function: Users can now override registered company names with a Doing Business As name. This allows the user to change the monitored company name to something they are familiar with internally, a time saver, and for Financial Institutions subscribers with ACH and RDC an imperative feature for accuracy.

3) Personalized News Search: The information dialog box on the dashboard prepopulates with information for the monitored company including industry news and ratings, customer complaints, and press release news. 

4) Enhanced Efficiency Functions: Other functions that make the user experience more efficient include:

    a) ACH/RDC Company ID size was increased to 50 characters  

    b) Numeric values have been added over the bars/columns in historical chart  

    c) PDF export function for the ‘help’ document has been revised to allow user to easily export the information. 

5) Three New Levels of ACH Return Alerts: Expanded Return Rate Types and new regulation driving return tracking rate:

      a) The Rule will reduce the current return rate threshold for unauthorized debit Entries  

      b) Return Reason Codes R05, R07, R10, R29, and R51 from 1.0 percent to 0.5 percent  

      c) The established administrative return rate level of 3.0 percent would apply to debit entries returned due to administrative or account data errors (Return Reason Codes R02, R03 and R04).

6) The established overall return rate level of 15.0 percent would apply to all debit entries (excluding RCK entries) that are returned for any reason. 

7) Addition of RDC Data Reports: RDC data is now managed and reported separately from ACH data.

About Argos Risk

Argos Risk, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, specializes in web-based technology solutions for B2B credit risk management. The Company’s flagship solution, Argos Risk Online, is designed to help businesses and financial institutions proactively manage their credit risk associated with key business relationships, with actionable online dashboards and 24x7 business alerts. For more information, visit