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Argos Risk Experiencing Growth Across the U.S. as the Need to Mitigate

Third-Party Risk Continues to Expand


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – May 18, 2021- Argos Risk, an industry leader of Third-Party Risk Intelligence (TPRI) solutions, is now serving financial institutions and businesses in all 50 states. Today’s announcement celebrates reaching a tremendous milestone of AR Surveillance™ subscribers nationwide.


Strong industry recognition and the underlying importance of third-party commercial risk mitigation have contributed to the growth and implementation of a solution like AR Surveillance. Key strategic partners, such as Venminder, ThirdPartyTrust, and SAI Global have empowered financial institutions, and businesses of all sizes across 30 industries, with our TPRI solution.


It is a tribute to our subscribers who continue to focus on risk management needs within their organization,” said Lori Frank, Argos Risk’s President and CEO. “We applaud their efforts as they combine the powerful benefits of automation and key metric insights to proactively address the emerging risks they face,” she added.

Managing risk can be a challenge. Ongoing monitoring and alerts that include early signs of emerging risks and material changes in third-party relationships, allow subscribers to identify and focus on mitigating potential risk. Argos Risk’s solution, AR Surveillance, provides automated risk intelligence on evolving threats and the knowledge to address risk confidently to reduce losses now and into the future.

Now proudly serving subscribers in all 50 states, we recognize and celebrate those dedicated to mitigating third-party commercial risk.



Argos Risk is a leading Third-Party Risk Intelligence solutions provider and trusted by financial institutions and commercial businesses alike. With over ten years of experience in helping organizations mitigate third-party commercial risk, Argos Risk fulfills a need for proven, timely, comprehensive risk mitigation knowledge. To learn more about how Argos Risk’s affordable subscription services effectively manage risk in Vendor Management, Supply Chain, ACH/RDC Origination, and Direct/Indirect Lending third-party commercial relationships, visit


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