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Argos Risk Platform Enhancements now provide U.S. Financial and Commercial Entities

Third-Party Risk Intelligence Worldwide


MINNEAPOLIS, MN (March 22, 2021) - Argos Risk, LLC, a recognized leading provider of Third-Party Risk Intelligence (TPRI) services to manage and monitor financial viability and overall business health of third-party commercial relationships, launches AR Global as the latest AR Surveillance™ platform enhancement.

AR Global provides subscribers broader coverage and a means to assess key performance metrics of global organizations. Key international insights into financial performance, business health, and country-specific location risk of third-party commercial relationships are now available with AR Global for our financial institutions and commercial subscribers.

Resembling the domestic AR Surveillance Individual Company Report, the International Individual Company Report uses a similar methodology and provides a consistent means of evaluation. It easily and effectively automates the process of aggregating and analyzing performance data on an international level.

Financial, industry, and geographic analysis along with OFAC, FINCEN, and Treasury Sanction compliance checks have been Argos Risk’s standard for TPRI on U.S. public and private companies for the past 10 years. Organizations can now assess, monitor, and mitigate third-party commercial risk globally as AR Global creates company risk profiles from the most readily available and credible sources of data.

“An impact of the 2020 global crisis our subscribers experienced was an increase in international requests for key financial metrics and valuable industry insights,said Lori Frank, Argos Risk’s president and CEO. “Encouraged by subscribers expanding needs, we expanded AR Surveillance coverage to incorporate key data from across the globe,” added Frank.


Argos Risk is a leading Third-Party Risk Intelligence solutions provider and trusted by financial institutions and commercial businesses alike. With over ten years of experience in helping organizations mitigate third-party commercial risk, Argos Risk fulfills a need for proven, timely, comprehensive risk mitigation knowledge. To learn more about how Argos Risk’s affordable subscription services effectively manage risk in ACH/RDC Origination, Supply Chain, Vendor Management, and Direct/Indirect Lending third-party commercial relationships, visit



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