MINNEAPOLIS, MN – April 22, 2019 - Argos Risk will exhibit and attend ProfitStars first-ever Commercial Lending Center Suite™ User Group Meeting April 29-30th in “Music City, U.S.A.” This highly-anticipated meeting combines LoanVantage®, FactorSoft®, and the Commercial Lending Management System users. As the groups share a venue for two days in Nashville, it is an opportunity for companies and financial institutions with a collective interest to network, share experiences, and learn from each other.

“We work closely with our Affiliate partners,” said Lori Frank, President, and CEO of Argos Risk, “and as a key business partner, we are excited to participate with ProfitStars in this new user group.” Both Argos Risk and ProfitStars strongly believe strength is achieved in the alliances we make which ultimately help our clients succeed.

About Argos Risk
Argos Risk is a leading provider of Third-Party Risk Intelligence solutions. Formed in 2010, we are experts in Third-Party Risk Intelligence services to fulfill a need for timely and comprehensive risk mitigation knowledge. Innovative and affordable subscription services help companies manage the risk associated with their third-party relationships; such as Vendor Management, ACH/RDC originators and lending clients – direct and indirect, and Supply Chain Management.

About ProfitStars
As a diverse, global division of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.®(JHA), ProfitStars® combines JHA’s solid technology background with the latest breakthroughs in six performance-boosting solution groups – Financial performance, Imaging, JHA Payment Solutions, Information Security & Risk Management, Retail Delivery, and Online & Mobile.
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