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Argos Risk AR Surveillance™ complements Magic-Wrighter multi-channel payments solutions.

Argos Risk, a leading provider of Third-Party Risk Intelligence (TPRI) solutions for managing and monitoring
the financial viability and overall health of third-party relationships is excited to announce its Affiliate
Partnership with Magic-Wrighter. Magic-Wrighter has been recognized as a payments industry leader and is the
longest-standing independently owned ACH service provider in the U.S. They will now market Argos Risk’s
flagship solution, AR Surveillance to financial institutions, businesses, municipalities, and schools who have
selected them as their payments technology partner.

“Unlike most third-party service providers, Magic-Wrighter is truly a single-source partnership for all
electronic payments solutions including integrated processing for ACH solutions that are core agnostic and
affordable,” said Stephen Harding, National Sales Executive, of Magic-Wrighter.

“We are excited,” stated Bob Wright, President/CEO and founder of Magic-Wrighter, “about the Risk
Management Services that Argos Risk brings to the payment industry. We look forward to presenting these
Risk Mitigation services to our financial institution partners to help them with evaluating their customer
relationships as well as their ongoing regulatory compliance needs.”

AR Surveillance gathers and monitors information from 32+ Million companies and utilizes 10,000+ data
points to assign easy-to-understand risk scores in third-party relationships. It automatically generates
and sends alerts about significant changes to those organizations; such as key executive changes, lawsuits,
liens, mergers, acquisitions, and other material news and events. Over 500,000 alerts have been delivered
to our users with 7.5 Million updates annually.

“Processing ACH payments open companies up to an undeniable amount of risk and require safeguards to
manage and mitigate third-party risk. AR Surveillance enables ODFIs to receive alerts, monitor, and quickly
and easily evaluate the current business viability of any ACH/RDC originator,” said Lori Frank, President and
CEO of Argos Risk. "We are looking forward to working with Magic-Wrighter and helping their customers
solve the challenges of keeping their risk limits current and in alignment with the business health of the
originator relationships," added Frank.

About Argos Risk
At Argos Risk, we are experts in financial risk management services and fulfill a need for timely and
comprehensive risk mitigation knowledge. We provide innovative and affordable subscription services that help
companies manage the risks associated with their third-party relationships such as ACH/RDC originators,
vendors, and direct and indirect lending clients. For additional information, visit

About Magic-Wrighter
Established in 1982, Magic-Wrighter has been recognized as a payments industry leader and is the longest standing independently owned ACH service provider in the U.S. Over 700 financial institutions, 4,000 businesses, 500 municipalities, and 5,000 schools have selected Magic-Wrighter as their payments technology partner. Magic-Wrighter’s NACHA and PCI/DSS Level 1 certifications ensure payment data is secure and eliminates the worries associated with payment processing compliance. Magic-Wrighter’ s multi-channel payment solutions help its clients gain access to new markets, improve account retention, and create new opportunities.
To learn more about Magic-Wrighter, visit


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