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Innovation Driven Growth Podcast - David Peterson and Kevin Sasser Discuss how Creativity, Innovation, and Growth Stems from a Culture of Safety


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – August 25, 2021- Argos Risk, an industry leader of Third-Party Risk Intelligence (TPRI) solutions, today announced the release of the Innovation Driven Growth podcast with Argos Risk’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Kevin Sasser, and Fintech’s Pioneer and Strategic Innovation Expert, David Peterson.  

David Peterson is a seasoned Fintech Executive, Speaker, Author, Facilitator, and Advocate for Metacognition! David speaks to CEOs, leadership teams, future leaders, and employees to inspire a clear message – innovate where you are! In his latest episode of the Innovation Driven Growth podcast, Kevin Sasser had the pleasure of discussing culture, creativity, and innovation with Peterson.

“We spoke about the business ecosystem being interconnected, innovation, and how it is vital for a business's success to understand both what's going on downstream with their customers and upstream with their suppliers,” said Peterson. As businesses start thinking about the products and services they offer, ask “are we able to provide a way for people to consume the things we do in a manner that most benefits them?”

“Innovation is driven by a problem, not potential revenue,” said Sasser. “As you start on your innovation journey, ask yourself, are you solving a problem?” Innovators need to start with core values and a mission statement to keep on track. “Next, customers help drive product direction by defining the problem that needs to be solved,” added Sasser.

Creating a sense of safety within the organization’s culture enables employees to create and think outside their comfort zone, convert ideas into innovation, and ultimately ignites enterprise-wide growth. To hear the conversation, check out the podcast link at and all major podcast sites.


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