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MINNEAPOLIS-ST, PAUL, MN - June 23, 2016 – Argos Risk announced it has partnered with Platinum Bank to offer AR SURVEILLANCE to business banking customers. This comprehensive, affordable solution delivers proactive and automatic insights into the creditworthiness and financial health of the business’s clients, vendors, and third party relationships.  

“A common misconception among business owners is that a credit score tells the full story about a company’s stability and financial health. Businesses are blindsided when one of their suppliers is unable to deliver goods, or a customer is unable to pay their bills,” said Lori Frank, Argos Risk President and CEO. 

“It is essential to be proactive by monitoring the creditworthiness and financial health of key business relationships. Our subscription solution, AR SURVEILLANCE, allows businesses to stay a step ahead with real-time, in-depth, actionable data and insights that are presented in an easy to understand dashboard. Through our partnership, Platinum Bank is offering their customers an affordable monthly subscription, allowing them to gain access to these valuable tools, and take the guesswork out of assessing creditworthiness and overall risks in doing business,” said Frank. 

AR SURVEILLANCE automatically delivers daily alerts and actionable insights, empowering subscribers to proactively evaluate and make decisions based on the overall financial health of each company they are monitoring. Utilizing this custom process, designed for required outcomes, eliminates the need for duplicate processes and time. The easy-to-use Argos Risk dashboards keep all information organized and readily available for review. 

“Our partnership with Argos Risk provides our clients with a customized solution to manage the risks associated with fraud, credit, and receivables. AR SURVEILLANCE is the key to making informed decisions regarding the creditworthiness and financial health of business relationships, directly impacting cash flow and credit policies,” said Marc Cove, Platinum Bank Market President.  

“Without the protection of this Argos Risk tool, it is virtually impossible for most businesses to be aware of financial health risk factors that a customer or vendor is facing, such as litigation, a change in management or any number of other events that could impact their ability to pay or deliver goods,” said Cove. “This also indirectly helps Platinum manage our lending risks, and set our clients up for success by offering a solution that addresses the issues of credit policies, cash flow, accounts receivable and responsible business practices.” 

About Argos Risk

Argos Risk, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, specializes in web-based technology solutions for B2B credit risk management, enabling companies of all sizes to proactively manage and monitor risk. The Company’s solutions assess risk scores of clients, vendors, partners, and competitors, powered by the algorithm, known as Argonomics, to deliver data via real-time dashboards and daily alerts. Argos Risk monitors thousands of companies for clients in a broad array of industries including financial institutions, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and businesses of all types. Visit 

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Platinum Bank, based in Oakdale, Minnesota, serves growth-oriented businesses located in the Greater Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin. Platinum Bank also serves the needs of personal banking customers and offers e-services. Visit