AR Scan and AR surveillance are two very unique products offered by Argos Risk that can be used independently or in tandem with each other. AR Scan provides a one-time snapshot of all the companies you do business with and provides an over Credit risk rating that is scores as either low, moderate, or high risk. In addition to identifying overall credit risk, the individual business is scanned against the OFAC and the MSB list for any potential matches. Argos Risk takes AR Scan one step further providing NASIC codes for identifying high risk industries, as well as populating the businesses website URL to identify additional potential risk factors. AR Scan can be run at any frequency but is usually set up by a subscriber in an automated fashion, to re-scan on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. AR Surveillance provides daily monitoring and alerts. The unique value in AR Surveillance is the ability to proactively incorporate hundreds of data sources and synthesizes it into a simple to understand 1 to 100 scores. In addition, AR Surveillance offers daily alerts provide actionable insight into events on which you should be aware. Alerts include: Liens, Litigation, Lawsuits, Judgments, Mergers/Acquisitions, CFPB updates, Earning Updates, Changes in control, Changes in Ownership, Board of Director Changes, Sale of Assets, Stock and Bond Issue/Redemption/Repurchase, Changes in Business Health, Changes in overall Credit Risk, Changes in Payment Consistency.